Children’s Books

In addition to books about the great outdoors, DG Book Sales tells stories suited for children and readers of all ages.

From Rags to Wags tells the true stories of three dogs: Winkie, the one-eyed back-yard hunter therapy dog;  Li’l Guy, the physically challenged race cart driving master barker; and Sloopy, the cross-country traveling fishing dog. They are rescue dogs who have overcome amazing odds by being scrappy and lovable, and each has a great story to tell. MORE

Rainbow is a story based on true events shared by author Bobby Dale and his younger daughter through her growing-up years. The story and its message are then passed on to his grandson, Windham, as his Grandpa introduces him to woodland creatures and the great outdoors. It is a wonderful story for children, delightfully illustrated by Margaret Gratz, and reveals a clear message for adults that it is “okay to save a corner of your heart for special childhood memories.” MORE