Double Gobble: Reflections of a Turkey Hunter


Double Gobble, Reflections of a Turkey Hunter by Bobby Dale, is a collection of stories from the author’s experiences pursuing these wise old woodland monarchs.  He details several interesting and fun hunts, and tells of fun times with his colorful mentors and friends as he learned the sport. In this book he captures what he calls the “total experience” of the sport, and also emphasizes sportsmanship, ethics, safety, conservation, and enjoying the spring woods.

It is not a “how-to-hunt” book, but the reader may pick up some valuable tips, many of which the author learned the hard way.


Jim Casada, editor-at-large for Turkey and Turkey Hunting magazine and author of many outdoors books, calls Double Gobble,

“… a real delight of the sort that will find a welcome place next to the turkey hunter’s armchair…”

“…material to be sampled, savored, then fully digested.”

“All in all, it’s fine stuff, just the sort of material to be enjoyed with a comforting libation a cold winter’s day.”

Will Primos of Primos Hunting, as quoted on the book’s back jacket:

“Whether you’re an “old time turkey hunter” or just thinking about becoming one, you should read this book. You see, this book puts in written form what turkey hunters already know and it will show to a “hope-to-be-turkey hunter” what is so special about being a member of this elitist group.

What’s so special? It’s that turkey hunting is about special people, special relationships, special places, and liking something so much that jobs and wives may be worth loosing over the pursuit of it. I know, personally, many of the characters in this book and am very fond of them. But, besides that I enjoyed this book because I was laughing and wanting to share this writing with my friends because Doc made me feel as if I were there on every adventure. In addition, Doc put down in writing what did not need to be forgotten to time. He did a perfect job of catching the spirit of what is a turkey hunter.

This is not a “how-to book” but is maybe the best short course for beginning turkey hunters. For you old timers this book will have you grinning over what is the heart and soul of turkey hunting. I am proud to be a part of the Tenth Legion, proud that Doc is too, and will be even prouder to have you join the Tenth Legion.”

Cover art is “Early Spring” by Oren Segrest, Jr., Mississippi Wildlife artist

Double Gobble: Reflections of a Turkey Hunter is currently is out of print and stock. Copies may still be available through Jim Casada.