Turkey Roost Tales


Turkey Roost Tales, by Bobby Dale, is a collection of personal tales and experiences about pursuing “his majesty”.  In the same vernacular as Double Gobble, this is not a how-to-hunt book, but one intended to share many interesting and fun stories that “Doc” and his hunting buddies have enjoyed over the years. You will again hear from Double Gobble favorites: Woodrow Dixon, Will Primos, and JoLynn Munro, as well as be introduced to several new characters who have a tale or two to tell.  A couple of chapters pay tribute to times past.

With a “Foreward” by Jim Casada and endorsements from Tom Kelly and Will Primos on the dust jacket, Turkey Roost Tales perpetuates the telling and retelling of tales that help define the turkey hunter culture and preserves the legacy of such a beloved sport.

“Here is a man (Bobby Dale) who has had turkeys kick his butt and ruthlessly disregard his tactics most of the time, just like all the rest of us. Here is a man who regularly keeps coming back for more and again, just like all the rest of us, enjoys the whole thing just as much as he did in the beginning, and he recounts these tales, mostly tales of defeat and distaste, with grace and charm and wit.”

— Tom Kelly

“Doc caught the magic of what is turkey hunting in his first book, Double Gobble, and he’s done it again in Turkey Roost Tales. Thanks, Doc, for taking the time once again to make it possible for all turkey hunters, young and old, to read these stories that you’ve put together so we can all grin and laugh along with you.”

— Will Primos 

“I think Bobby Dale deserves recognition as the latest in a long, proud line of storytelling sons of the South who care deeply about turkey hunting and who are blessed with an outstanding ability to share it. In the pages that follow you can join him vicariously as he shares experiences, relives hunts, and introduces you to some delightful characters. To do so is to take a literary journey down a road offering you an ample measure of reading pleasure, and it is a pilgrimage I recommend to you with every confidence. Join Bobby Dale as he guides you deep down into a hardwood slough or takes you along a piney ridge in his native Mississippi, and you will soon appreciate and understand what I mean.”

–Jim Casada

Cover Art: “The Big Boss” is a work by Wayne Spradley, one of the South’s most prolific wildlife artists.

Turkey Roost Tales Book

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